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Olin Levi Warner, Research holding the torch of knowledge (1896). Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C. Olin Levi Warner, Research holding the torch of knowledge (1896).

WELCOME! This is the home page for the CoB Research Group, supervised by Agnieszka Kwapisz . If you have any suggestions for topics to discuss, please, send e-mail to akwapisz at montana dot edu . The format is open: you may submit your working paper, a manuscript you are reviewing, a paper you always wanted to read, ...

Spring 2013 Discussions:

  • (02/06) Grant opportunities in business (NSF, DOE)

    Spring 2012 Papers Discussed:

  • (02/08) "Data used in Entrepreneurship Research: Introduction to Patent Data." - overview of patent data based on Hall, Jaffe, and Trajtenberg (2001)

  • (01/25) "Entrepreneurship: What We Know and What We Donít" - discussion based on Parker (2005) in Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship Vol 1, No 1 (2005) 1-54

    Spring 2011 Papers Discussed:

  • (03/13) Teaching Critical Thinking with Electronic Discussion: some advice and research possibilities based on papers by Greenlaw & DeLoach (2003), DeLoach and Greenlaw (2007) , and DeLoach and Greenlaw (2005).

  • (03/02) The "one minute paper" as a teaching and learning tool - discussion based on paper by Chizmar and Ostrosky (1998)

  • (02/02) Background on Classroom Research discussed based on paper by Loyd, Kern, and Thompson "Classroom Research: Bridging the Ivory Divide" (2005) AML&E

    Spring 2010 Papers Discussed:

  • (03/31) Discussion on Emotional Intelligence based on paper by Mayer et al. (2008)

  • (03/31) How important is class size in higher education? Discussion based on Kokkelenberg et al. (2008) "The effects of class size on student grades at a public university"

  • (03/10) Discussion on a provoking article by Sproule and Valsan (2009): "The student evaluation of teaching: its failure as a research program, and as an administrative guide."

  • (02/17) Connie Strittmatter presents an overview of databases available at our Library.

  • (02/03) We are discussing the frequency and duration of search on the Internet based on the Journal of Business article by Bhatanagar and Ghose (2004).

    Fall 2009 Papers Discussed:

  • (12/02) Based on Walstad and Allgood (2005), we discussed the balance between research and teaching among professors in business and other disciplines and research possibilities on the subject.

  • (10/21 and 11/18) What can we learn from MFT-B scores? Black & Duhon 2003

  • (10/21) Exams? Papers? Presentations? Projects? How to improve students' assessment? - we will base our discussion on the article by Walstad from the Journal of Economic Education (2001) .

  • (10/07) Have you ever wonder which aspects of the student evaluations have the greatest impact on the overall instructor rating? Is there an evidence of an urban legend that the easiest way to increase this rating is to reduce standards and inflate grades? ... We are begining this semester with the article by Barth from the Journal of Education for Business (Sept/Oct 2008) "Deciphering Student Evaluations of Teaching: A Factor Analysis Approach"

    Spring 2009 Papers Discussed:

  • We concluded the semester by obtaining data to study the efficiency of NFL betting market.

  • (04/27) We continued discussion about the efficiency of the NFL betting market.

  • (04/13) We talked about the efficiency of the NFL betting market after reading Boulier, Stekler, and Amundson (2006).

  • (03/30) We learned how to win betting on the NFL betting market by discussing Sapra’s Journal of Sports Economics Oct 2008 article “Overreaction to Unexpected NFL Team Performance 1988-2006 Evidence of Betting Market Intraseason Efficiency and Interseason”

  • (03/09) We discussed "A SURVEY OF BEHAVIORAL FINANCE" provided by Greg. This book chapter refers also to a seminal article by Kahneman and Tversky 1974 in Science.

  • (02/23 and 02/09) We had a great discussion on the use and on the theory of probit and logit models after reading "Predicting the outcomes of National Football League games", (International Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 19 Issue 2, April-June 2003 257-270).

    Fall 2008 Papers Discussed:

  • Did you know that only 5% of authors in the field of management account for 53% of ALL citations and 26% of ALL publications?! And 25% of authors account for 86% of citations and 55% of articles! This is accordnig to Podsakoff et al. "Scholarly Influence in the Field of Management: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Determinants of University and Author Impact in the Management Literature in the Past Quarter Century", (Journal of Management, Vol. 34 No. 4, August 2008 641-720).

  • "Peer review is the worst form of scientific evaluation, except for all others that heve been tried" :) Do you agree? "Peer Review and the Social Construction of Knowledge in the Management Discipline", Bedeian, Academy of Management Learning and Education, 2004, Vol. 3, No. 2, 198–216.

  • Do you want to make your next paper more interesting? Read seminal work by Phil Davis "That’s Interesting!" Philosophy of the Social Sciences 1971, 309-344 and "What Makes Management Research Interesting, and Why Does It Matter?" Bartunek et al. Academy of Management Journal 2006, Vol. 49, No. 1, 9–15. We learned that the most interesting management paper EVER was: J. E. Dutton & J. Dukerich. 1991. “Keeping an Eye on the Mirror: Image and Identity in Organizational Adaptation.” Academy of Management Journal, 34: 517–554.

  • Is conflict always bad for the performane of groups? Read "THE DYNAMIC NATURE OF CONFLICT: A LONGITUDINAL STUDY OF INTRAGROUP CONFLICT AND GROUP PERFORMANCE." by Jehn and Mannix, Academy of Management Journal 2001, Vol. 44. No. 2, 238-251.

  • Is change a self-reinforcing process? or Does prior change reduce the likelihood of subsequent change? Read "MOMENTUM OR DECELERATION? THEORETICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS ON THE ANALYSIS OF ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE" by BECK and BRUDERL, Academy of Management Journal 2008, Vol. 51, No. 3, 413–435.  

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    Laura Black
    Laura Black and a team of researchers have won a grant to expand their study of virtual organizations.

    Myleen Leary
    Myleen Leary and business students have spent the semester working on a sustainable development plan for a large ranch in Hawaii.

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