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Welcome to the CORE 2.0 Conversion Website

Please Note: The conversion program only applies to original core courses that were taken prior to Fall 2004.  All courses taken since Fall 2004 count only under the CORE 2.0 designation listed for that course.

How to Use the Conversion Tables:

Select the courses you passed prior to Fall 04, in the categories listed, and then click the bottom Summary box. This will display a chart showing how your courses converted to CORE 2.0. If you are unsure of specific category requirements, click the Info box for that category.

  • To count as a core course, a course has to have been designated core when you took it.
  • Only courses with grades of C- or better in foundation courses (W, V, M), and D or better in other core courses, can be converted to CORE 2.0.
  • Double counting is not permitted in the conversion to CORE 2.0 (e.g., an HG course can count either as IH or D, but not as both).
Continuing students (those entering MSU prior to Fall 2004): If you decide it is not in your best interest to switch to CORE 2.0, refer to the 2002-04 catalog or to identify original core courses. Only courses still offered with the same number, regardless of core designation, count the same way they did in the prior catalog.