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View Software Licenses

The Montana State University ITC Store coordinates the acquisition and deployment of the licenses for most of the software used on computers on the campuses of  MSU.  While it is the responsibility of the primary user of each computer to ensure that all software installed is legally licensed and maintained within the scope of the license issued by the manufacturer, the ITC store strives to monitor license distribution and tracking, and educate computer users relative to the legal and proper use of software licenses.

Licenses for software installed on MSU computers are tied to the computer by the serial number of that computer.  A list of software licensed to a computer may be viewed by choosing the "View Software Licenses" link on the left side of this page.  For additional information see these links:

Software License Transfers             Software License Renewals

 If you have questions about software licensing please call the ITC Store at 994-2900.Useful information to have ready when calling includes the computer user's name, department, phone number, index number, and the serial number of the computer for which the licensing information is being requested.