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Anna Krueger Fridley Award for Distinguished Teaching

Nominations are now open for the MSU Phi Kappa Phi Chapter's Anna K. Fridley Award for Distinguished Teaching. The Fridley Award, which carries a $1,200 stipend, is MSU's oldest award for distinguished teaching and generally is awarded to a tenured faculty member in any discipline. Nominations for tenure-track and adjunct faculty, however, will be considered. Please provide us with the following: A completed cover sheet, a short narrative (about 1,000 words) about your teaching, your curriculum vitae, as well as a total of four letters of recommendation (two from students; two from faculty) that provide evidence of your distinguished teaching, Please submit your application materials to: Phi Kappa Phi Fridley Award Committee, University Honors Program, Quad F, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717. The deadline to apply for this award is 5:00 p.m., Friday October 31, 2014 Follow this link: Fridley application information to apply.

Congratulations to Bill Wyckoff, Professor and Chair of Earth Sciences and Linda Young, Professor and Department Head of Political Science on receiving the 2013 Anna K. Fridley Award.

The National Society makes these awards (usually in the $1,000 range) to eligible faculty. Please consult the national website for information: www.phikappaphi.org/Web/Awards/PKP_Scholar_and_Artist.html Note the deadline is February 15th.

Visit the Phi Kappa Phi National Office at www.phikappaphi.org.