Computing Policies Manual
Montana State University

Computing Policies Manual


100.00  Governance
120.00    University Computing Policy Committee (UCPC)
130.00    Computer Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC)
140.00    Administrative Information System Projects Committee

200.00  Resource Finance And Acquisition
210.00    Student Computer Fee
220.00    Resource Acquisition and Replacement Strategy

300.00  Resource Allocation And Management
310.00    Campus Wide Information System - MSUinfo
320.00    Computing Resource Allocation and Management
330.00    Student Computer Laboratories
340.00    Administrative Information System
350.00    MSU-Bozeman Web Site

400.00  Acceptable Use Policies
410.00    Montana State University Network [MSUNET]
420.00    SummitNet, Montana's Statewide Telecommunications Network
430.00    MSU's Internet Service Provider

500.00  System Security
510.00    Data Security
520.00    Unauthorized Use of Computer Software