Montana State University

Hazardous Materials Policies

July 1993

MSU-Bozeman has developed a comprehensive Hazardous Materials Management program to assist all laboratory and non-laboratory chemical and chemical product users in meeting the waste disposal and regulation guidelines adopted by the Montana Department of Health and Environmental Sciences. In addition to waste disposal and spill remediation, Safety and Risk Management can provide work site consultations with respect to chemical handling and storage, personal protective equipment, industrial hygiene, and other hazardous materials issues. Please call at 994-3572 if you have questions or need assistance.


100.00   Hazardous Materials Management
110.00     Regulations
120.00     Costs

200.00   D003 Waste Minimization Policy
210.00     Background
220.00     Policy
230.00     Chemical Characteristic of Reactivity
240.00     Most Common D003 Waste (Based On Past Experience)

300.00   Acute Hazardous Waste List