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Subject:MSU Portal Policy

Policy:Governance and administration of the myMSU portal resource

Effective Date:September 15, 2006

Review Date:September, 2009

Responsible Party:Information Technology Center

Introduction and Purpose:

The myMSU portal is a strategic resource of Montana State University.  It is designed and operated to facilitate internal communications on each MSU campus and to provide a consistently reliable means of electronic communication with students.

The myMSU Portal Governance policy provides guidance for the ongoing direction, maintenance, and control of the use and provisioning of the myMSU portal.



1.    Steering Committee

The myMSU Portal Steering Committee will provide administrative guidance and oversight of the Portal Operations Team in portal implementation and on-going development efforts.  The Committee will also identify and prioritize new functionalities.  The Portal Steering Committee membership will be appointed by the President and will include the Vice President of Intercampus Affairs, from the Bozeman campus the CIO, representatives from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Administration and Finance, the Director of Communications and Public Relations.  The committee will also include a representative each from the Billings, Great Falls and Northern campuses.

2.   Operations Team

The Portal Operations Team implements, supports, and nurtures the on-going operation of the Portal.  The team is selected by the Steering Committee and led by the Portal Coordinator who is responsible for on-going operation of the program.  It includes the necessary functional, technical, and project support expertise to accomplish agreed upon objectives.


This policy applies to all authorized myMSU portal usage from any location at all times. This is a University-wide policy and does not supersede other policies that pertain to resource use or individuals’ actions that may occur while using myMSU.


Questions, issues, and requests should be presented to the myMSU portal Operations Team for consideration. The Operations Team will escalate individual items to the Steering Committee as warranted.

Internal control considerations, if any

Users of the portal are bound by the codes of conduct and university electronic resource policies that apply to all university activity. Appropriate departmental policies may also apply when using any departmental resource to access the Portal for any purpose.

Failure to comply with approved University-wide and departmental policies can result in the loss of myMSU access, computing privileges, and enforcement of appropriate Montana State University disciplinary procedures as well as applicable criminal and civil penalties.