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President/Chancellor/CEO Transition Audit Policy

Subject: Governance and Organization
Revised: N/A
Effective Date: July 6, 2011
Review Date: July 6, 2014
Responsible Party: MSU President (policy review is delegated to the Director of Institutional Audit & Advisory Services)

Introduction and Purpose:
As Montanaís land grant institution, Montana State University is responsible for conducting its affairs with the highest ethical standards and in an open and transparent manner. This policy is intended to ensure that the most senior leaders of each of MSUís four campuses adhere to these standards and operate in a manner substantially the same as other university administrators, faculty and staff.

Whenever there is a transition in service of the MSU president or the chancellors or CEO of the affiliated campuses (excluding interims), Institutional Audit & Advisory Services will conduct a riskbased transition audit to inform the incoming president, chancellor or CEO of any major risk management, governance or control issues that may need to be addressed at the outset of the new campus administration.